Carlo Colucci Beige Wool Mix Vintage Sweater Unisex L
Carlo Colucci Beige Wool Mix Vintage Sweater Unisex L

Carlo Colucci Beige Wool Mix Vintage Sweater Unisex L

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60% Wool, 40% Acrylic

It is more than second hand, it is eternal hand. It will have more lives with you instead of going into the Landfill! Can you imagine how many stories this garment has?

Now ready to keep you warm and stylish!

This one really special since it has a unique design and pattern and unlike a classical Carlo Sweater.

Ah Carlo.. Conquered our hearts since 70s.

In 1950 Theo Nägelein founded the clothing company Nägelein oHG in Franconia . The Carlo Colucci brand was created in the late 1970s. We can see its influence everywhere even in music. The design and fashion is a cult and way of living, especiall for Berliners. 

The brand was included in the title of the album Carlo Cokxxx Nutten by the Berlin gangsta rappers Bushido and Fler in a slightly alienated form. Bushido also recorded the album Carlo Cokxxx Nutten II with Baba Saad as well as the album Carlo Cokxxx Nutten 2 with Fler and the solo album Carlo Cokxxx Nutten III. The fourth part of the CCN series followed in 2019.

The Berlin rapper Said dedicated a track to the brand in 2014 (Carlo Colucci). The rapper Plusmache , who also lives in Berlin, mentioned the brand in 2015 in his song Brusthaare (“Breast hairs on a pullover by Carlo Colucci”). The album by the rapper Fler, released in 2019, is called Colucci. Among other things, Fler also mentioned the brand in his song "This Boy" ("To Colucci for your Gucci"), where he discusses the popularity of Gucci clothing among new German rappers.