What is Eternal Hand?

"Eternal Hand is the only way to a full circular fashion"

We are the creators of this term "eternal hand", since we believe we do much more with the things we have in our hands. 
Second hand is considered as the best option to have sustainability at its fullest since there is no resource usage, pollution and waste. And we wanted to go beyond by saving the second hand items that are scheduled to sent into Landfill. 
Indeed, all garments are selected carefully, cleaned and separated according to condition, material and color. Beauty of not being first hand is not just about saving the Planet but also adding more stories to each garment.
Our core characteristics are:
- Ethical Payment: We pay our workers fairly.

- Work Intensive sorting: Contrary to first hand, it requires a lot work to group the products

Sanitisation: We have a cleaning certificate to make sure each employee in the team and the buyer is protected.
-Brand value of each product: All products are branded and some of them from even earlier then 50s. Therefore, we need to make sure each garments gets what it deserves. 
There is no difference between second items and our products but only more. The journey of our clothes is much more complicated and not environmentally friendly. Second Hand market can not cover the over production, therefore most of the garments are sent to Landfill before even we see them in the stores..

This is why we are here, to save every garment and Our Planet while we can!

Ps: We aim to extend our scope to repairing, upcycling and recycling to save the items that are not in perfect condition, so we can complete the cycle.