Planet Team


We are more than second hand providers. We give access to Eternal Hand from your planet. More natural than anything and closest to you! We save clothes from going into Landfill (not taking directly from Landfill but saving the ones scheduled to be sent into)
From Berlin and Pakistan with lots of love!

Vision: A world, where resources are augmenting and textile waste is not a problem anymore

Mission: Decreasing the footprint by 100%, allowing the planet to feel like a planet again.

We are the ONE’s for the planet and YOU. So you are!

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Hasnain Lilani aka King of Landfills

I was part of the problem while working in fast fashion by creating endless waste. After seeing what I was doing to the  planet, I decided to leave the industry and find a solution.

I started with landfills, collecting and   sorting fashion that is thrown all around the world. 

"I see a world treasure in landfill"



Damla Görür aka Planet Champion

Fed up seeing world transforming into a pile trash with depleting resources, I decided to take action.

 I enjoy creating opportunities for everyone and solving problems of the people and planet in the most unique way. 

“I believe I exist within the extent of my imagination.”