Fashion industry is not circular and leads to a loss of 4.5 trillion usd. We are not just wasting an important economic value but also our Planet.

Let's join forces for a better cause and make fashion industry more circular

Fashion and Nature can co-exist together, only through "EternalHand" philosophy

We source companies for:

  • Direct Resell: Brands can do Direct Resell on their online platforms with the garments that we supply and in perfect condition. (Ex:Patagonia Worn Wear, Eileen Fisher Renew etc.)

  • Repair collections: Brands which have a repair service can also repair and sell the garments that we supply and are slightly defected on their platforms.

  • Upcycled collections: Collections like Tommy For Life from Tommy Hilfiger and Recrafted by Patagonia can be sources by moderately defected garmetns that we can supply.

  • Recycling Manufacturers: We can also source brands with the garments that are not in good condition but can be saved by recycling. This happens through their manufacturers.

  • Recycled Fiber: We are also preparing for recycling the garments at our own facility to source the garments directly with the recycled fibers